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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sin nature

Thankfully Titus doesn't stay mad long.
Naomi however doesn't forget so easily and lets everyone know it.
Titus looking with the look that says mom can I please have her toy!

hmmm...can I get that from her?

What are you doing Titus? I have a giraffe. This is there favorite chew toy.

One of the things about having twins is seeing the raw sinful nature of mankind. Titus and Naomi have been pushing each other since the womb. During ultrasounds they would be pushing each other back and forth. Naomi would shove Titus while sucking her thumb. The other day after lunch I gave the twins each a toy while they sat in their high chair. I gave Titus one that lit up and made noise, to Naomi I gave a simply rattle. The whole time she would look at Titus's then look back at her boring one, then look back at Titus's like why didn't I get one like that. I then put her in the excersaucer were she would have lots of toys. Still she looked at the toys and then looked at Titus's, still wondering why she didn't get the one Titus had.

Snow White?

Maddie and her golden and according to her a poisoned apple
(you know like snow white she preceded to tell me!)

Her eyes totally say it's WAY past bedtime!!!

Maddie is into eatting her apples whole. Not cut, not diced, but skin and all, round and juicy as she describes them. She took a bite of her apple and then informed us it was a poisoned apple. She then began to tell me that that was from Snow White and the seven dworfs. We then got into a discussion were I would name a scene from a princess movie and she would tell me the correct movie. For example which princess had step sisters, correct answer: Cinderella. Which princess has a beast in it, correct answer: Belle. She thought this was a VERY fun game!

Sisters! you think they're sisters?

Maddie tickling Naomi

I asked Maddie if she wanted me to lay Naomi down beside her thinking she'd say no way. She grinned and said yes. Naomi loved sitting next to Maddie and Maddie did a great job of loving on her and playing with Naomi. Maddie is a wonderful big sister!