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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sinus Infections

So....apparently the russells are doomed to have sinus infections! I have been sick with flu like symptons for a week and half with high fever. It was continual, I would get kicked down for day like I had been run over by a freight train. Then I would slowly get better then I would get sick again. Finally I had the brains to go in, actually Mark told me I was going in and I didn't have argue. My symptons were so random we didn't think anything of it. My eye sockets have been hurting which I chalked up to the fevers except my fever went away and my eye sockets still hurt. I went into my doc yesturday and she said I have a sinus infection which can cause the other symptoms I had been having...crazy! So I am on antibiotics and on the mend...hopefully.

Now...Maddie has the same thing. She's had it for about the same amount of time but she reacted to her meds so we didn't put her back on them because she got better or so we thought. Now we are going back in tomorrow to get her on different antibiotics she won't break out from...prayerfully. I am completely ready for healthy bodies so we can get out and start playing again. It stinks being stuck in the house. I guess this is Gods way of saying slow down since I don't seem to know when to do that.

For the record Sarah is home which is funny because the last time I remember being this sick was when Laurie was home from College and I got mono. By the way I don't have mono...they tested for it... :) I just can't get enough of my best buds!!!! Bring on the fun!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I have started out on the sourdough adventure and I love it. Other than waiting and waiting which isn't a strong suit of mine, I love it. It's seriously easy and it makes such yummy things! Pancakes, loaves of bread, I'm making pepperoni rolls today, and I am making pizza with a sourdough crust tomorrow! This can all be done with a basic sourdough recipe! Awesome! We love it. Hurray for trying new things. I do have to admit I did cheat. I got a starter from my cousins wife, which is awesome since I'm working and didn't feel like juggling a baby starter, job, and family. I am thankful and blessed for this starter. I will try and make my own her eventually for now we'll build off of the one we do have! Yeah for sourdough!

Maddie first corn on the cob experiance

MMMMmmm...sweet corn
Sammy and Maddie digging into the sweet corn!

What do we do with this?

Myia, Sammy, Noah and Maddie eatting sweet corn!

We had corn on the cobb at my parents when Sarah and her kids came over. Maddie thought it was delicious! She would take a bit and say mmmmmmm!!!! A true american summer girl. We had to capture the moment!


Now that Summer is here and I am going barefoot and wearing flip flops I am soaking my feet and scrubbing with my exholiator. Well Maddie things it's awesome and has started scrubbing her feet and asking for the exholiator. My two year old knows what an exholitor is. Super funny!