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Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating with the Cousins!

Nothing better after a long day!
Finally chilling with Daddy and reading!

Maddie and Noah relaxing after trick or treating on
Emmy and Tim's bed watching Wallie. I think this is funny because Maddie is
reading a book and watching tv...something Mommy does all the time.

Esther and Owen chillin watching tv.

Much Better! Being warm and comfy is much better than trick or treating!

Owen all bundled up warm for the trick or treating!

They had to learn the art of knocking then backing up so
the person could open the door.

Her and Noah had to take turn ringing door bells
which might have been the funniest part of trick or treating

Maddie knocking on the first trick or treat door of the night.

The big smile I got after telling her to say princess.

Regal Princess Maddie Sitting on her Throne.

Check out the tongue of consentration.

Noah was Thomas the train and looked fabulous! Very Handsome.

Princess Maddie running through the leaves!

We had a fabulous time on Halloween. We met a Emmy's house first and then made the rounds to Great Grandma's and do some other relatives. Then we did the traditional trick or treat rounds that Kelly, Emily, and I use to do when we were little. We finally made it back to Emily's with lots of candy in their bags. Tim made a great goolosh and we had some warm garlic bread. Perfect after a night of trick or treating. The best part of the night was spending it with family. It was wonderful to be able to trick or treat with my sisters and their kids! When Maddie tried her dress on she asked me were her glass slippers were. So I let her wear her fancy white dress shoes. They have now become her glass slippers and she asks me if she can wear them frequantly.

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