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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is the way you wash the dishes!

Yes she is in need of hair cut!

The longer Mark's hair gets the more Maddie looks like him.

Mark showing Maddie how to rinse the silverware.

Rinsing the silverware...a very important job!

Maddie has become a very big helper, well she's learning how to be a big helper if nothing else. Helping with dishes = getting to play in the water while looking like she's helping. She is starting to pick up her toys when asked all by herself, she's helping to clear the table, going potty by herself (although this can get tricky for an almost three year old), she gets ready for bed all by herself. Meaning she gets two books, gets in bed, and starts reading by herself without Mark and I going with her. She has definately started acting like the three year old she will be in a couple of weeks. Maddie came in the kitchen and told me something I didn't understand, but her tone sounded like it wasn't very honoring. So I asked her if she was talking rude or if she was using a honoring gentle tone, she looked at me in all seriousness and said; Mommy, what are you talking about. One of those moments where I probably shouldn't have laughed, but I couldn't help it.

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