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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are Here! Naomi decided to break my water at 1:30am on Wednesday morning. We rushed Maddie to Grandpa and Grandma's and made a mad dash to the hospital, confirming that my water had indeed broke and we were going to welcome the twins into the world. After deciding that I was ok for transport, they cherry and blued me in an ambulance to Rochester, MN. Sending only two paramedics we rushed down the freeway. If I had not been in so much pain watching the paramedics face while I had contractions was priceless. With every contraction I could see written all over his face please don't have these babies here, please don't have these babies here! Thankfully to both of our reliefs the twins held off. We arrived in Rochester about an hour later and arrived at the emergancy entrance. Unlike Albert Lea, this hospital did not have in garage parking for it's ambulances and I was taken out of the ambulance in minnesota winter in just the gowns they give you at the hospital and to top it off the EMT's had to wait while someone buzzed us in, then they had to decide what elevator to take. To the relief of the EMT's I was successfully safe and some what sound in the delivery wing of the hospital. Dialated at four I tried to tell the staff to start the ebadural abut no they weren't listening to me and continued not to listen to me! Finally I told them they needed to check me and sure enough I had dialated to 6. Now they decided I could have drugs if I wanted to, which I did. The anasteologist did not have time to do one I had then dialated to eight and on down the hall to the OR we went. Naomi shot out like a canon ball, while Titus took his own sweet time. Nothing like having fourteen minutes for all the free world to see everything no one else ever wanted to see. Finally they decided to break Titus's water and with four pushes he joined his sister with hardy cries of outrage! After about half an hour I was transfered to the postpartum floor where exhausted and full of nice relaxing drugs I dozed in and out. Praise the Lord for safe delivery and a swift and fast labor! Praise the Lord Naomi held off entering the world until we were somewhere they could be safely helped! More about the twins will be coming as well as pictures.

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