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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marvelous Markin

Mark has been my champion, my cheerleader, my shoulder to cry on, the one to tell me go to sleep. In the midst of helping me with the twins, loving on Maddie, and paying attention to me he is trying to finish school, settling for simply passing. Which is not Mark's style at all. He's a do well or go home kind of guy. So to settle for simply passing is a huge deal to him. I have told him over and over even if for some reason he doesn't pass I am so proud of him! He has taken the night shift two nights in a row, count them TWO nights in a row. Because I have a cold and he's trying to help me get as much sleep as possible. I came out earlier to him feeding naomi and playing catch with Maddie. You may be thinking that's a little risky with the baby in his arms, true, but we have learned to interact with her with whatever and however we can at any given moment. Plus the ball was a soft one (no hard balls allowed in the house).

In the moments he is about to loose it and who wouldn't after two sleepless nights and fussy babies on top of it! He has grounded himself and pulled himself out of the funk and kept on keeping on. I am so thankful for a hands on husband who tries so hard to put God first and family second. I feel so blessed to have a husband who cares about the health of his family! I pray everyday that the Lord will bless Mark for his attitude!

Thank you Lord Jesus for knowing I would need Mark as my partner in life. Thank you for knowing who would be the best choice for me. Lord thank you for a husband who values family, values interacting with the kids, who tries to put my needs above his own. Bless him mightly Lord Jesus. You know his desires, his goals, his persuits. Bless him, watch over him, guard his heart and his mind in Christ Jesus!

I am so proud of you Markin! I respect you for all the many hats you have to wear and for how often in a day you have to switch those hats on and off! You are my hero and best friend!
I love you!

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