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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The twins become preschoolers.

circle time is a great time for learning shapes, colors, etc. But,
it is also good for little ones to learn to sit still, sit quiet,
and to pay attention.
The twins turned three this month and are showing me signs that they are ready to move into being preschoolers. When Maddie started Kindergarten at the beginning of the year, the twins joined us durning circle time. They began to learn the alphabet, the sounds letters make, days of the weeks, months of the year. Now that the twins are showing me they are ready to learn more I have started bringing in number 1-10 flash cards, working with them on letter recognition, we are working on shapes, colors. The twins also get to be a part of Maddie's curriculum and be apart of exploding volcano's, getting in on sinking and floating objects.

A big part of the twins preschool is hands-on. Touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and experiencing the sweetness of strawberries, the tartness of lemons. Touching rough tree bark and smooth stones by the lake. Hearing classical pieces such as "The March of the Soliders",  "The Nutcracker sweet", hearing choo-choo trains, and learning to listen to authorities voices louder than any other noise. Watching a duck land on the water with his webbed feet for skies. Watching mommy load the dishwasher, daddy mow the lawn, watching mommy and daddy interacting in kindness to one another. Watching Mommy and daddy as we are patient and loving with each kid.

Exploding volcano's!
 Does hands-on learning get better than that

The twins hands-on learning includes colored glue for painting and making things stick. Play-doh for making sculptures, pretending to roll it out and cut out cookies. Learning to string beads, pound nails into boards. Using kid size rakes to help mommy and daddy clean up the yard. Small child size shovels to learn to clear away the snow on the sidewalks.

 What are your favorite toddler/preschool activities to do with your kiddos?

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