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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cup Cake Fun


Our finished product! Notice the chocolate on Maddie's upper lip.

Apparently Maddie lives by the saying a little dap will due you. Because she'd barely put on any frosting and then put on a pumpkin.

We chuckled at this cup cake Maddie smashed pumpkin into the cup
cake like it was a crater.

Taste testing...a VERY important job!

Grandma gave her pumpkins to put on the cup cakes and we had sprinkles,
but she prefered the pumpkins of course!

Maddie helping me frost the cupcakes. We had to teach her you don't lick the cup cakes before you frost them!

Maddie and I made cupcakes this week. Maddie did more tasting than anything but that is one of the most important jobs! It was fun to have her help with the whole process. Learning what a spatula, stirring spoons, measuring cups. Lots to add to her vocabulary. It was fabulous mommy and Maddie bonding! Mark didn't mind the finished product either.

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  1. Oh, how precious! They look delicious and beautiful. :)