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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mark and Maddie Time!

For some reason Maddie was intrigued by the dust on the side of the guitar
and she kept trying to blow it off.

Maddie thinks Mark's dramatics are hullarious!

I love the joy on both of their faces!

We had the guitar on it's side and she said it's too big,
so we layed it on her lap instead.

When Mark layed the guitar on her lap and she started playing
I had to capture the moment!

Maddie loves Mark's guitar and asks Mark to play it quite often. She has permission to play it by herself if she'd liked, but usually prefers Daddy to play it with her. We figured since we have it out in the open it made more sense to teach her how to strum and play it carefully than to make it off limits to her. Plus it instills a love of instruments in her and makes it not the forbidden fruit in the room she has to touch. I also love the time that it allows Mark and Maddie to have together. She has started to dance to daddy's playing! Hopefully her love of music will continue as she gets older.

When Maddie asked Mark to play his guitar she started playing with him, but then apparently dancing was a lot more fun.

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  1. How precious. I love watching daddies interact with their little girls. give her hugs for us.