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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brownie making 101

Doing a great job stirring the brownie mix.
The hardest part for her is resisting to lick the spoons, spatulas, and bowl until
after we're done.
One word sums this picture up. YUMMY!

how cute is she in her bakers apron and hat.

Maddie doing the most important job a baker can do!
Taste testing!

Maddie loves chocolate, pink, and sprinkles. The perfect salution is to make double chocolate brownies, with pink frosting, girlie color sprinkles and you have a heaven mae just for Maddie! While spending time with mommy, learning kitchen skills,and lots of other usual skills for life. She is in the stage of life where anything mommy is doing must be fun. She is learning to clean her room as well as dust her room. I have made it more into a game of follow the leader and she asked me today if she could play follow the leader with me the rags.

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  1. LOVE it! That is too precious for words. You go Robin!