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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A "house" in order

The floors are sparkling,
not a piece of lint you will find upon the carpet.
Everything in it's place, A place for everything.
Yet carpets are good for keeping secrets
and closets can hold a lot of junk.
A house in order, a house that's clean,
is only as clean as the closets are organized.
Pick up the carpet and find what lies beneath.

So too am I like a house.
I smile as i walk in church and even give a hug or two.
Our kids dressed up and in Sunday school.
We find our seats and the music plays.
I can dress and press, I can prepare.
but the Lord can find me here and there.
The Lord can find me anywhere.
He finds my secrets, my pain, my pet sins.
He finds my extra piece of chocolate cake..
Lord, do you not know what he said to me! How dare he!
It's not fair oh Lord, can you not hear me!
The Lord opened my closest today.
he picked up all my rugs.
The closet piled up and falling out the door.
The carpets so filthy we will need replacements.
No hoover or washer could handle this!
Dirt not only under the rug, but...
so full it has flung upon the walls, upon the furniture!
Careful! It may fling upon you too!

Yes the Lord set to work today.
Yet, he sets to work each and everyday.
Because he knows I'll try to shove the closet full.
Because he knows more dirt and crap will end up under my carpets.
He stops me at my door and says, "Oh precious beloved I died to take your dirt.
give me your stuff you don't need a closet for that mess."

"Let me set you free, let me set you right.
I have a perfect place for every piece of trash,
every gem of a jewel you think is lost or broken.
Trust me to restore and renew."

Let me clean your house,
so you'll be fit for mine.

Love, Jesus

By Robin Russell

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