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Saturday, August 21, 2010


For the longest time I desired to glean from books, I wanted to read hard books with deep meanings. I wanted to read non fiction books and not fall asleep or get frustrated in the process. God has opened my eyes and opened my mind to wonderful fabulous books. Books that are non-fiction. Books that are fiction, books with meaning and books with no meaning but are fun to read anyways. I want to read and think and then read some more and think some more. I want to ponder what the book might mean in my life and in lives of those around me. I want to explore the jungles of Africa and sail the seas with pirates. I want to know how others view love and life and God. I want to be mentored by great men and women such as C.S. Lewis., A.W. Tozer, John McArthur, Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, Einstein, Benjamin Franklin. I want to understand what seems impossible for my simple mind to grasp.

Such a book as Heidi challenged me to look at myself and to see if I wait patiently on God's timing or do I throw the towel in with him and say fine I'll do it myself. Do I trust him in his timing or do I rebelliously and ignorantly go my own way. Do I know my help comes from the Lord, even when I cannot see the mountains.

Another wonderful book is A Little Princess that challenges me to act as a princess everyday, even when I do not feel like it. How do I treat those around me? How do I treat the ones that treat me poorly, do I answer kindly back or retaliate?

The dearest book I long to be mentored by is the bible. To have the one who created me, who loves me the most, and longs to speak to me through His written word teach me all He wants me to know. To be comforted, to be given advice, to seek out which I do not yet know.

So many more wonderful things I have learned from both books and I can hardly wait until I turn the first page in the next classic that awaits me. Reading has become a journey I am ready and excited to take on.

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