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Monday, August 16, 2010

Becoming an Herbalist?!, I"m excited to read through and digest (literally and figuratively) the ideas and remedies this site mentors you through. They want to get you to the point were you can do it on your own, but they are able to hold your hand through the learning process. They even have a kit to start out with if you really need hand holding like I do!
I love, love, love knowing that God has given us so many natural healing eliments in his creation. I love that when he created us he knew he'd need to make plants that would also heal our bodies, give us energy boosts, and he also made many of them that taste great on top of being great for us.
Example: While looking for natural oven cleaning solutions, one of the ingredients for cleaning was thyme oil...thyme is apparently not only for cooking but for cleaning too! But take note it says thyme oil not leaf thyme and I'm sure there is a difference.
Hurray for the world God made and all he put in it!

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