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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Passion Unleashed

I dance and hop around, certain the world will pick up the fever of the moment.
I turn around, all the while still dancing and realize not only are you not dancing,
but you cannot understand why I would dance.
There is hope, can’t you see it? Do you not know it?
There is a passion inside to great to well up.
A passion so great I weep easily, anger with a tiny spark, and dance in the rain.
How my heart would sore at the mere suggestion you wanted to waltz in the rain with me!
So passionate am I, that I must dance, sing, hope, see the brighter side of life
Or I must smoother my passions.
You see me dance about as carelessly as a child, foolishness you say.
Yet my heart says freedom, my soul is set free by this “foolishness”.
My passion drives me; it is the drive that forces me to see things through.
My passion is the force behind my hope and belief of conquering.
Conquering once meant climbing a high mountain, riding a challenging horse.
These days conquering is surviving a day with everyone still in smiles.
Conquering these days means my children have acquired a passion for being educated.
Success is in my children realizing the worlds they can enter in a book.
Can you see I must dance in the rain?
I must sing along to the tune of my heart or the tune on the radio, whichever comes first.
The rain calls to my feet, “come dance with me.”
The rain sings to my soul, “Come here and smell and taste and be free in the moment of silliness.”
My passion must soar as an eagle. It must taste and see and hear and touch the world around me.
Do not cover my eyes, nor shackle my feet.
Please do not cover my ears; I know I hear what others do not. But trust me what I do hear sings to me.
Take not the sweet nectar of the succulent world I long to taste.
Who knows perhaps snails will become my delicate treat.
I know I sing a different tune and March to a beat only I can hear.
My passion allows me to love when love should not be given.
My passion allows me to hope when all hope seems to be lost.
My passion allows me to conquer; it sets me free, and adds spice to life.
My passion and spice is God given. I have to dance for he calls me to it.
I have to sing for a canary he placed in my mouth.
All songs and all dances are an expression from me to him.
I am passionate; I am free because he paid a dear price for my feet to tap a fancy dance.
It would be dishonoring, disloyal if I did not show him my gratitude and gratefulness.
I can sing of my salvation and practice my dancing for the great feast in the great banquet hall….
My dancing, my singing, my tasting, and seeing is all in practice for that final grand day;
the day I enter paradise with my bridegroom.
I do what you do not understand and what you cannot see,
Because a passion greater than me is my driving force.
Robin Russell 8/18/2010

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  1. Neat Robin. I love your passion. We are kindred spirits and God will use our passion for his glory. Hallelujah!