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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Does my vote count? That is the question many ask, some are positive it does, others are hesitant and even wonder if it's worth voting. Many vote in hopes that indeed it allows them to have a voice, while others choose not to vote because they think it won't matter. I follow under the catagory that I'm not sure my vote counts, but I vote because I hope that it does matter. I vote because I want to know that who is in office shares the similar if not the same values as I do. People would like to seperate politics from their beliefs but I'm not sure that is possible. How can you make huge decisions without your convictions and beliefs! I'm sure there are those who have a sound reasoning from keeping church and state seperate but no matter the God you choose, they cannot but help influence your choice in politics.
As I stepped up to the voting booth yesturday I was reminded that there are those in other countries that would LOVE the chance to have a say in how their lives are run. There are those in other countries who desire to have the change of power be switched without an army on both sides ready to duke it out. I was reminded that our country is unique.
But I do not agree that we are completely the land of the free. If we are the land of the free why must I be told I have to have my kids in a car seat and I have to wear my seat belt. Is it safer to do so, yes, but is this something I have to do? If we live in the land of the free then why must I have a four year degree to homeschool my children if that is the best thing I believe is for them? Why are my rights as a parent being infringed upon more and more? They infringe upon my rights in the name of helping and knowing what is best for my kids. How can someone who spends no time with my children know what is best for them? Because something is true of most of the children in the rest of the world, does that mean it's the best for my children. I believe the answer is no!
If we live in the land of the free then why is it ok to teach our kids that homosexuality, abortion, and all the other hot topics are to be tolerated and embraced but the word christianity and anything to do with God is banned?
We like to think we live in the land of the free and compared to other countries we have a lot more freedoms! I am thankful we are still allowed to worship freely the God we choose and can worship without having a military come in and put us in prison or kill us. But we are not truly the land of the free. I know and realize this more and more as I research and pursue homeschooling my children.
We are not as free as we think we are...little by little there are people inching closer to taking more and more "freedoms" from us.

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  1. Very true Robin. I totally agree. I think I'm free, but there are so many laws and restrictions. Maybe it's best to wear a seat belt, but a democratic government should not decide that for me. Same with raising children.