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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Harriet Tubman: The Moses of her People

Harriet Tubman:The moses of her people was a slave woman who made her way to freedom. After she made it to the "promise land" she then went back to "eqypt" and rescued about 300 slaves. There was also a reward of $40,000 for her capture, dead or alive. She was lead by God her whole life. While she was dusting she was praying, when she was in the field she was praying, when she was being beaten by her masters she was praying. As she lead different people from the south to the north to freedom she was lead by the Holy Spirit. Often the holy spirit would tell her what houses to stay at, when to get off of roads and hide, when to move on. So close to the Lord was she that she knew immediately it was her Lord speaking! I want that. When God speaks to me I don't want to say was that him, did anyone else here that? I want to know without a shadow of a doubt it's him. Harriet did not know how to read or to write. She did not have her bible to clarify and make sure it was he Holy Spirit, neither did she have the time in the pinch of a moment when she was about to be captured to check her bible and know it was the Lord speaking. It was either listen to the Holy Spirit, believe it's him or be captured. I want to know the Lord that well!
I want to be able to risk life and limb to do what God wants me to do and trust my life and my time on this earth to him. I want to risk my all for Him! Harriet, along with other stories I'm learning about slavery are simply ordinary people, in harsh circumstances that the Lord raised up for such a time as these. I want to be one that God can call up in any such circumstance and listen to His leading and ready to act when He calls me to!

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