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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh that I could change a nation too

My sister borrowed me a book called Under God, by DC talk. It is about historical people who made a difference to our nation. This book has introduced me to people who were brave enough to face slavery in the face and say no way. People willing to risk their lives for freedom, both African Americans, as well as whites stood up and spoke of slavery's injustice. It is said when Abraham Lincoln met Harriet Stowe who wrote "Uncle Tom's cabin" he said so this is the woman who started the war. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "American Slavery as it is" caught the attention of a nation. Harriet Stowe had to have two printing presses to be able to keep up with the demand of her book sales. I want to be brave enough to tell a whole nation the way they are living is wrong. The way they are living is displeasing to God and we need to repent as a nation. I want to be bold like them! Two books that have the power to turn a nation are worth reading!

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