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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meaningful, frugal, resturant feel kinda dates

Mark and I celebrated our 6th Wedding anniversary. We dropped the kids off at a brave relatives house then went back home. We had decided that we wanted to stay home for a couple reason. The obvious reason is we wanted to save money, the second reason is we didn't want to have. The kids already required the kitchen sink for packing, so we opted for a stay cation.

Frugality started with our meals. The only meal we ate out was lunch on Friday in which we splurged and ate at a great restaurant called the Pita Pit. We then spent a few dollars on hamburger buns and a few other odds and ends we'd need for the weekend. For supper on Friday I bought refrigerator tortellini and made fresh Alfredo sauce, with shrimp, with homemade Alfredo sauce.

Saturday breakfast I used leftover ham, sauteed onions and chopped some leftover roasted potatoes and sauteed them with the onions and ham. I then filled our omelets in the meat and veggie mix, added some cheese, and folded the omelets. A couple pieces of toast with homemade apple butter! Delicious!

Saturday supper was one of Mark's favorites! Grilled Hamburgers with sauteed onions, with cheese, lettuce, mayo, and ketchup with homemade fries!

Sunday Breakfast we went to church and had keifer smoothies and then went to pick up our kiddos and had leftovers with our kids when we got home.

Our anniversary continued on in the week when I made french dip sandwiches for Monday supper.

In between meal times we enjoyed being home. Mark painted and I cooked and baked. We read books and enjoyed each others company and bodies. We went for a walk at our local state park, we rearranged furniture, and watched movies later than we normally would be able to. We slept in as long as our bodies would let us. We enjoyed sleeping in our own beds, using our own shower, not having to unpack and do extra traveling laundry.

We saved money, enjoyed our home together, got some projects done, had delicious meals in the privacy and comfort of our own home. Time together is not about where you go, but whom you are with! A little effort put into the kitchen, some planning for the menu and grocery shopping (this way you can watch for your menu items to go on sale), some chopping and prepping and you have a relaxing, tastey, amazing time with your honey!

What ideas do you have for frugal dates?

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