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Thursday, December 8, 2011


My husband suffers from chronic sinus infections, infections that have been known to lay him flat for weeks. He has tried antibiotics, but his gut cannot handle the antibiotics. I believe he does not have enough gut flora to handle the large doses it takes to kick it from his body. Every time he took antibiotics he had to take another medicine to help him with the nasty side effects of the antibiotic. We were desperate to find something to help him without the nasty side effects from other medicines. After researching different remedies on the Internet I found a website that had a recipe for what they called 'tonic', it sounded nasty, but it also sounded like everything in it would kick whatever ailed him! Kicking what ailed him and then some! We made our first batch the end of September, he took his first dose and it was amazing! He said he could feel his sinuses opening immediately, he could feel the mucus draining from even his ears! He takes the tonic pretty much every day, BUT he has NOT had a sinus infection in the time he has been taking the tonic! He knows his body well enough that he can tell when he's about to get a sinus infection. When he feels his body going through the motions of a sinus infection, he takes the tonic, and he kicks whatever causes the infections out of his body.

Mark and I also have 23 month old twins Naomi and Titus, who are on their third round of pneumonia. I have desperately wanted to introduce them to the tonic. But it is potent stuff and I didn't want to torture them. I got to a spot were I was desperate to try anything! Again we were dealing with antibiotics, but they were also introducing the twins bodies to steroids. Both which make me shutter for the affects they are doing to their little bodies.  A few days after Titus was diagnosed with pneumonia again, Naomi got it again too. They are a little too good at sharing. Naomi sound croupy and hoarse and started getting wheeze. After consulting Mark and having him give me a pep talk, I got out the tonic. I dosed out a 1/4 of a tsp and gave it to Naomi. Her face said everything I thought it would! The look of mom this stuff is disgusting, icky! But, she drank it and I gave her a chaser of juice after it. Literally one and half hours later she was sitting on the couch playing with her toy computer, a little later she was down playing! Her croupy cough had cleared up, her wheeziness had cleared up! She came to me a little bit later after playing and was tired of course, she is still fighting something in her body, so I put her down for a good old fashioned nap! When she wakes up I fully intend to give her another 1/4 tsp. of tonic, and I will give her another one at supper. I will post later how the tonic works for her as we go along.

For now, everyone in our family is going to take tonic everyday! Mark and I will take about 3 Tbsp, 3x's a day. The kids will take 1/4 tsp., 3x's a day. We are going to take it until whatever funk is in our body gets kicked out!!!

I was hesitant to give the tonic to our kids. I didn't want to be mean, I didn't want to torture them, BUT I did want to heal them!  My cousin Angie was a GREAT encouragement to me to get the kids use to it when they are little instead of waiting until they were bigger. I gave the tonic to our soon to be 5 year old. She said mommy not that yucky stuff! I said, Maddie you can either get sick and not be able to play with Grandma or your friends or you can take the yucky medicine and be able to play! She voted for the nasty medicine!

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