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Friday, December 9, 2011

What can I do with dryer lint?

My mom has always made fire starters, I can't remember a time when she hasn't. They are fabulous to get a quick fire started. We even used them once when we wanted to grill but realized we were out of lighter fluid. We put four fire starters under the coals, lit the fire starters, and it worked like a charm! I'm tempted to have this be our new and improved method of getting our coals going.

Here's what you'll need:
*  Dryer lint
*  Egg cartons
* Gulf wax
* quart size glass jar (the bigger the glass jar, the more wax you can melt at one time)
* Sauce pan with water filled half way up the jar (the water is what is going to help your wax melt the best)
* pot holder
* canning jar lifter (this makes taking the glass jar our of the hot water much, much easier)

1. It is easiest for me to keep egg cartons next to my dryer, every time I empty the lint trap I simply stuff the egg cartons with the lint. You could also keep a container next to your dryer for storing your lint until you are ready to stuff your containers. Either would work just fine.

2. When you have all the lint you need and egg cartons filled with lint, you're ready to melt your wax. Fill the glass jar with wax, pour water in the sauce pan so it is half way up the outside of the glass jar. You want to melt your wax slowly on medium heat and adjust your heat so your water is simmering.

3. When the wax in the glass jar has melted down to about half way, pour it over the lint in your egg cartons until each section in the egg carton is well coated.

4. Return glass jar to hot water and repeat step 3.

4. Once the egg cartons are filled, set aside to cool. Once cool you can break them apart into as big or as small of sections as you would like. I store our fire starters in a plastic bag in our basement next to our camping/fire stuff.

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