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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I cried out to the LORD this morning...

When I am weak and have nothing else to give,
is usually when God is able to work the greatest in my life!

I could run and hide, bury deep within a book.
I could shove my pain, way down deep inside.
Deny the pain and rejection, tell myself I am not lonely.
But I would be lying and my soul knows it.
I cannot be what he needs when wallowing in self-pity.
Giving without the need to receive is this realistic.
Giving without the need to have it given back, is ONLY accomplished with your mighty hand.
It is impossible to give any part of me, if my God is not filling me up and directing my heart.
I am weak and needy, I am a plant in the sprint sucking nutrients from the earth,
needing water and sun.
I am weak; I need your strength, O Mighty One!
I have nothing to give, I am nothing!
Give me all I need today, fill me up.
O Lord, let my lips be filled with sweet nectar.
O Lord, let my heart overflow with love and patience.
Come near to me, be a bulwark and shield to me.
Your love is everlasting; I come to bask in your presence.
I come to hide in the shadow of your wings.
Teach me when to be silent and when to speak.
Teach me to wait on your timing.
Let me shine for you today
Let me be a beacon in a dark world.
Let me be what my husband and my children need today.
I am needy myself today, selfishness is not far from me.
My selfishness shouts I need, I need, I want, I want.
Align my wants and my needs with your truths, truths that bring freedom.
I need you today LORD, I want you to today LORD!
Help me to serve today, as Jesus served!
Without you LORD, I am nothing.
I hide in the shadow of your wings today LORD!
I wait and watch the miracles you do in me today!
I wait and watch the energy you pour into me!
I wait and watch you transform me today!
I wait and watch my relationship with YOU deepen today!
I wait and watch the Almighty work today!
He is faithful, He is lovingkindness, He is hope, He is steadfast, and He loves even me!

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