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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Camp Fire at the grandparents

That's a picture worth a thousand words...but only one is needed...yummy!

mom made a s'more out of the huge ones.

Nothing better than a HUGE PINK mallow!

Noah and Maddie showing the camera their HUGE marshmallows.

Essie plays by herself amazingly!

Noah of course had to get in on the picture action!

But she warmed up to the pictures!

Maddie and Noah had a blast climbing on the wood pile at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

We have had fun all summer having grill outs, but our favorite is the old fashioned camp fire with hot dogs, chips, and baked beans. Which is what seems to be our main staple when sitting around the camp fire. Maddie and Noah have a blast playing on the wood pile, in the sand box, and on the climber. While we adults sit and roast mallows (with the kids help of course) and have great conversation! I am so thankful to live near family. I hope we get to have a few more camp fires before winter comes!

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  1. Oh man, wish I could join you. I have great memories of my two campfire cookouts with you guys this year! Great pictures!