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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Harvest Festival!

The beautiful great ol midwest!
Sitting by grandma on the hay ride

Noah hung on for dear life.

attempting tug of war.

Off she goes without even a wave to mommy! tear, tear.

Sitting down by herself.

Climbing in by herself.

My big girl going over to the train by herself!

Giving the goats lovin.

Check out her properly feeding the animals! Palm open of course.

Maddie fell in love with the goats.

Every train needs a caboose and this one is no exception1

The Promiseland Express!

Maddie happily riding on the train.

As soon as we pulled in and got out of the carMaddie saw the train and was so excited. She kept telling us come on guys come on. Apparently we weren't walking fast enough to get to the train. The train is simply made out of plastic oil drum barrels with chairs put inside them with handles to hold onto. The train engine is made out of a lawn mower, it even has a train bell! Maddie would have ridden it the whole time if there had not been lines to ride it! We also got to go on a hay ride, go to a petting zoo, and eat lots of yummy food! All free as an outreach ministry! So cool!

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