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Friday, March 4, 2011

Betty Crocker still does flops

I have been compared to Betty Crocker or Susy Homemaker (whoever she is) and I usually don't mind. So long as it's in an enduring way and not in a condesenting "I don't know why you would ever make homemade pasta, broth, or eat sauerkraut." If you don't know why, if what I do doesn't make sense to you, ask me. I am an open book or open blog.

 But today that is not my point. My point is I still have flops, my flops may not result in unleavened loaves of bread anymore (once upon a time there were plenty of flat loaves that were suppose to be risen loaves of delicious) or glops of something we are not sure what it is, but I do still have flops. There are plenty of times I can't hit the seasonings on the head and the taste in a meal is completely off. There are other times when I decide something would be a delicious addition and it turns out to be an awful addition. There are still times when my flops result in nothing but to be thrown in the garbage.

But somestimes my flops come from my ordering 25lbs of graham flour, instead of 5lbs of graham flour. That is a big difference. A difference that turned out to be great flop. We have discovered that we like graham flour and for most recipes it can be switched out cup for cup in recipes that call for whole wheat flour. Who knew! Now I stocked up on graham flour and don't have to order it again. If I didn't have to research what else to do with my graham flour, I would have stuck simply making graham crackers, because I wouldn't have needed to use it up.

My point and encouragement is this, if you are starting out cooking, culturing, soaking, blending, sprouting and it's not going well, don't give up! Hang in there! It is frustrating to attempt something when it just doesn't seem to be working, but there will come a point when all of a sudden it works, something clicks and it FINALLY does work out. For example, the first time I took out my almost perfect loaf of honey mustard oatmeal bread out of the oven. It smelled amazing, it looked like it should be in a magazine, and it was wonderful to eat! Success!

Someday I will take pictures of my flops and of my family eatting my flops (they are very good sports at eatting my half way decent flop meals).

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