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Monday, March 7, 2011

A love letter...

I got a love letter this morning. It wasn't on a piece of paper, it didn't come with candy, but it was an act of love none the less. This morning I woke up and proceded with the day. But as all mothers can tell you, you have no idea what is going to get done, how it's going to get done, and if anything is going to get done in your day. Sometimes at the end of the day if a mom can say I survived the day, she has accomplished a lot! Today however is something I will call a miracle.
Today by an act only known for God to allow, I cleaned not one but TWO closests! I did the kids laundry and Mark and I's laundry. I vaccumed and even emptied some trash cans. I pulled out clothes the twins have out grown from their drawers and put them in proper places. That's amazing! Normally for lack of time I would throw them on a pile to be delt with at a later date. Apparently, today was that day! I threw stuff away, have stuff to give away, and stuff to give to the salvation army. Awesome!

My two love languages are quality time and acts of service. I'm not sure if acts of service has always been a need for me or if it has surfaced because I have a husband and three kids? Hard to say. If acts of service isn't met, it is very hard for me to do quality time. Because I see everything around me that needs to be done. I am getting better at becoming Mary and not a constant Martha, but it is a battle I have to keep in the for front of my mind. I have to remember dishes will get done, my kids being little and wanting to play with me is only for a short time.

I have been frustrated because my house is unorganized and cluttered. I know I have three kids, 4 years old and younger. I know I'm busy, but to me that is not an excuse to have an unorganized place. If anything it causes more frustration, because I don't know were things are. Plus organization makes Marks brain relax and allows his home to be his haven. I want our home to be our haven, the place we can come to get away from a big bad world. The place my family can connect, love God and love each other.

Now that I have most of the closests organized, I can start doing what I call deep organizing. Deep organizing is for example putting all of Mark and I's medicine in one container, then taking the kids medicines and putting them in a container. We keep a lot of our bathroom stuff in under our bathroom sink, in their I will put all of my makeup in one basket, my hair products in another basket, the kids shampoo, etc, in another basket. This makes things SO much easier. If I'm doing my hair I take out the basket for it and I don't have to dig for two minutes.

I am so thankful for my love letter from God this morning. I do also have to give lots of credit to Maddie because she played with the twins for a long this morning and that kept them busy and happy. Hurray for a God who hears my heart and praise the Lord for a wonderful big sister who loves her babies!

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