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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Be Still My Heart!

Mark Enjoying his sandwhich he concocted, be still my heart! 

 Mark with the sauerkraut that has done his body good!

 Marks clean plate...he polished that last bit of chicken on his plate right after this shot.

Mark licking his fingers after his declicious sandwhich.

Mark, my husband, was looking in the fridge trying to figure out what he was going to make himself for lunch. As I walked by I noticed he had my homemade sourdough bread out, the leftover chicken, and our homemade sauerkraut .  He spread some butter on the bread, then he put some scoops of sauerkraut on, after which he put the chicken on, topping it off with the other piece of sourdough bread. This was his lunch! My nourishing wife's heart was so impressed and I was so excited for his digestive system!

Let me give you a bit of history on Mark. Mark has always struggled with stomach stuff and it has been a great source of frustration and pain for him. Sarah, my cousin and best friend had started fermenting, culturing, and experimenting in her kitchen. At first I would smile and join in with her because I love making things from scratch, then as I began to read about the healing and helpful properties of sauerkraut I began to get more interested. My first thought when I heard the helpful properities of sauerkraut was Mark.

I made my first batch of sauerkraut and we put Mark's stomach to the test. After he had eatten the sauerkraut for a few days, I mentioned to him that I had not notice him burping as much (not normal guy burping, but painful burping from the gut). Next, we really put it to the test. Marks stomach's arch enemy is green peppers, he will usually suffer days from eatting a dish with some of this veggie in it. To put sauerkraut to the test I made faijtas and I put green peppers in it and then we waited. We waited an hour and no burping, no pain. Mark is able to eat things that normally would have given him great stomach pain, but since he's eatten sauerkraut daily, it seems his stomach bugs are a thing of the past! He does occasionally still get stomach cramps, but usually, it's because he hasn't had his daily does of sauerkraut!

I truly have a mighy fine man! I am so thankful that Mark supports and finds value in my/our journey of finding and investing in whole nourishing foods. 

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