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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Swimming the Opposite direction

Maybe it's my rebellious nature, but lately as I pull a shirt off a rack at a department store, I look at the ten other shirts that look EXACTLY like the one I just looked at and think, I don't want to look like ten other women who will be wearing this shirt. Then I think I don't want to see another woman looking way more amazing than I in the shirt I just bought. I want to be different, I want to be unique, I want to be the one and only me in this world. I want to swim against the tide, attempt things that make other people look at me werid, and I want to do things that dare other people to think outside the box. To realize that we are all sinners, we are all lost, and the only reason we have any worth is because Jesus died a painful brutal death, that allows me to stand in front of God with confidence. With Jesus, without his death a resurrection, I would be doomed to hell.

I have been born with a punk/hippy/natural loving peronsality. I like piercings and tattoos. I like my man and son with long hair, I like wearing scarves in my hair. If I had my own yard I would love to have a herb graden and a veggie garden. I would love to have my own goats, chickens (even though chickens freak me out!). I would love to be self sustaining. I would love to have well water, water that hasn't been sent through 25 processes and sent to my focet to give me water that really isn't all that great for my consumption.

This new fetish of mine has me craving my own sewing machine to make my girls matching unique dresses and outfits. Who knows maybe I'll start making my families clothes! If that's the case I'm going to need to pray for a sewing machine.

Jesus often swam against the tide of popular public opinion, Jesus did things that others thought was werid too. So it doesn't really bother me when I'm skipping happily down the sidewalk(without my four year old with me) and seeing others look at me strangely. I often wish they would stop and ask me why I'm doing what I'm doing! I would love to tell them it's because as the childrens song goes, "I have the love of jesus, love of Jesus down in my heart, down in my heart to stay!" Jesus gives me a joy I cannot contain, Jesus gives me the ablity to be werid. :)

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