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Friday, April 15, 2011


I have been encouraged and reminded this week by a good friend, Barbara Jones. She posted on her blog,

"The first being this: How different would my life be if I hungered for God's Word (and expressed that hunger) as desperately as my toddler expresses his hunger for food? Imagine not being able to walk by your Bible without immediately grasping it up and abiding in it. Imagine not being able to feed your flesh's hunger until you had satisfied your spiritual hunger. To have a daily, urgent, hunger for abiding in Him would drastically alter my day, my plans, my thoughts, my life".  From

this has me thinking! What am I craving in my life more than God? There are so many things that I have put before God. I would rather eat than go running to God, I would rather find comfort in Mark rather than run to God. I have had to stop myself this week, ask for forgiveness for putting things in front of God (which in the bible God calls these things idols).  When I look at the bible do I think I have to have it, I have to spend my time with God or do I do what I usuall do and think hmmm...I'll get to that later. Why, oh why do I learn the had way. Depriving myself of the most important nutrient! A nutrient more important than calcium, vitamin d, or anything else! I have gone to Jesus and asked forgiveness and I have also asked him to increase my desire for Him! I want to be desprite for God, desperate to need him, want him. I want to want Him more than anything else in my life!

Thank you Barbara for this very much needed reminder!

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