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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas day O'l Christmas day

 One of the best series of books I have ever read is Little Britches by Ralph Moody.
I was blessed to get the WHOLE series for christmas! They are serious page turners!

 yummy chocolate!!!

 Maddie's skirt from Aunt Kristina! Super duper awesome!

 Mark when he realized there was a knife in the box.

 Another moment of excitemen for Mark. A dvd player from his brother mike.
Our old dvd player has led a good life but it has a tendancy to shut off in the middle of a movie
as well as has other issues!

Titus and Omi trying to figure out how her computer works!

 Curious George has always been one of Maddie's favorite.
We also got a wonderful rudolf I spy kind of it!

 Maddie and Mark were talking about her two skateboards she got for christmas.
He was explaining to her she could use the little one for now and grow into the big one!
She was so excited to have a cars one AND a pink one!
Thanks G'ma Apple and Uncle Micheal Micheal(that's not a goof up it's what she calls uncle Mike)

The twins ooing and ahing over Omi's toy she got from Grandma Russell 

 Mark excited to find inside the box was a pocket knife!
This is rare footage of Mark truly excited and wowed by something.

Maddie got a skateboard from her Grandma Russell!
She is so excited to get to go skating with daddy this summer at the skate park.

Every year my MIL gets us a calendar and every year I'm thrilled it's a horse calendar!

Merry Christmas to all. We pray this year finds you drawing closer and closer to Christ Jesus. We pray that you will welcome him into your heart, home, and life. We pray that you will glorify him and give him praise through out the year! Jesus is the reason for not only the season but for eternity! He is king of kings, Lord of Lords, and HE is Mark and I's master! We pray that one day our kids will allow HIM to be their master too.

Usually the extent of Mark getting excited is he says, that's great, when what he really means is this is the best thing I've ever done! This is an area we differ in. When I'm excited everyone on the planet knows. This christmas however, I was excited to capture more than one moment of excitement for Mark! When it pours out of his body you know he's super duper excited. Our family made our christmas super special! My sister in law made the twins coats and hats for christmas and made Maddie a skit. She is seriously super talented!

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  1. How fun!! I LOVE the skirt! I wish I could do that. And the pic of mark is truly impressive. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! *hugs*