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Friday, December 3, 2010

"The Nativity"

Tomorrow Saturday, December 4th @ 7pm, in the Austin high school auditorium. Maddie will hit the stage as one of the stars of Bethlehem that welcomed Baby Jesus into this world. She will be dress in a hot pink, sequence bodice, with tul tutu! She will be accomplied by 14 other little girls dressed in the same fabulous tutu! They will twirl, they will awe us, and we will be proud!!! There will of course be flowers waiting for her when she is done dancing as every dancer needs to be given flowers when their performance is done!!!! Bravos will be shouted, hugs will be given, and a beaming, proud as a peacock mama will be beaming at the accomplishments of my beautiful, give it her best ballerina!!! Now for the 4-8 inches of snow predicted to hold off and allow the show to go on!!!!

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