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Saturday, December 4, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

She's beautiful! Daddy's going to need to keep the shot gun loaded!

Maddie satnding in front of our finished Christmas tree.

December 15th will mark Maddie's 4th birthday. Four! Wow! What an amazing ride and journey it has been to become a mom. My selfishness was the biggest obstical that I faced. I wanted to be able to do what I wanted, when I wanted to do it. I wanted to be able to sleep in if I felt like it. I wanted to get away from her crying, her needs. I am SOOOO thankful to my family who stepped in and helped Mark and I when Maddie was itty bitty. The Lord knew we would need to be in Minnesota and that we would need my families love and support. My parents helped with Maddie when she had colic (she literally was at our house half the time and my parents house half the time so someone could sleep).
Maddie is a joy to us. She has a tender heart who loves to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Emmy and Uncle Tim. She has a great imagination and love for dancing. She has a joy for reading that I pray she continues to have as an adult. Experiancing anything through her eyes is amazing. She is so much like her daddy it's amazing! She is a perfectionist with girl emotions, a potent combination. She is gentle with the twins and loves playing with them. She is sensitive to others emotions and has great sympathy and empathy for them. She has come a long ways from the insecure little girl she was. She will often see a kid on the side lines and ask them to go play when no one else notices that person isn't participating. Pink is beautiful to her and christmas tree lights are breath taking.
I love you Madeline Grace Russell! You brighten my life and open my eyes to things I would miss with my impatience! You are amazing!


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