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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sick and Tired of being sick and tired!

It started with a sore throat, which I can usual combat with garlic and hot tea. This cold smiled at the garlic, glared at the hot tea and took root in my body. Then my body decided it would be a great idea to send muscus to every pore of my body that wasn't already occupied with something! I then made the journey to urgent care to get antibiotics for sinus infection which at first I wasn't sure it was doing anything and now apparently it is doing what it is suppose to. However now my ears have fluid in them and I'm pretty sure they are infected too! Stink! Is it really too much to ask to have my body be healthy? I mean really! On top of it all Maddie's battling something also. Although antibiotics for her ear infection see to help immensely. Thankful for that! My body has been fighting junk for about a month now and I really think it's time for whatever is attacking my body to exit!!!

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