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Monday, May 2, 2011

Excitement or Grief?

After I got my kids breakfeast, cleaned up, and ready for the day. I jumped on facebook, to "check in" quick and see whats circulating. After scrolling for a bit, there was no doubt something had happened. Something big, Osama bin Laden had been killed, his body put in U.S. custody, and U.S. people were rejoicing. It's one thing to rejoice at a man who has been captured who may have killed thousands of people. A man who directed people to purposely blow themselves up, with the intent to kill others.

Yet, as I read the posts of fellow family and friends cheering and "walking" the streets of FB excited that the man is dead. I have to be honest, I am torn. My personal excitement is short lived for two reasons. One, because there will be another Osama, as long as we live on earth there will be evil. Another terriost will be as bad or worse than the one who was just killed. There are others who believe as Osama did, if not stronger. Who knows what the next Osama master mind has planned. On another note, Osama, as evil of choices as he made was created by God, loved by God, and God desired for Osama to come to him and find eternal life. Osama's sins by earthly terms was worse than mine. In God's eyes (whos eyes in my opinon are the only one that matters) Osama was not worse than me. Osama for whatever reasons in his life was lied to by the deciever of lies, Satan. I need to be sadden that Osama was for destruction, not peace. That he choose a life living apart from God and now in death, he may be parted by eternal death. I don't ever want to rejoice that a fellow human, a fellow human loved by the creator, is apart from the Creator forever.

I will be praying for God to give me compassion for the lives on this planet. I will be praying for hearts to turn towards Him and find everlasthing peace. The only way war can end is by stopping sin, until you stop sin, you cannot stop wars or any other kind of evil. But I can pray and I will continue to do so.

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  1. Great thoughts. I agree. part of me wants 'revenge' and is glad he's gone. But I also realize that someone else will just raise up to take his place. Satan is alive and well and the ultimate evil.