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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Glass Slipper

I chuckle as I watch my daughter run around in her dress up princess dress. She runs down the hallway with only one shoe, while the other one is down the hallway. She has lost her glass slipper! Not only that but the wicked step sisters are closely on her tail. I have to admit the women inside me, who longs to actually be a princess gets excited! I'm excited because for right now she truly believes she is a princess, she would have a hard time grasping that she really isn't a princess.

I am excited! I am excited because my baby(s), my Madeline Grace Russell has a chance to be a real princess. The God of the universe has made it possible through His son Jesus Christ, to be a child of the one true, mighty king! She is Princess Madeline Grace Russell, daughter of the King of the universe, the founder and creator. The one who commands the stars and seas. The one who gives her breath and the very same one who will welcome her into the heavens. Oh Father God, capture my kids hearts. I pray they get an excitement that they belong to you!

I pray one day my kids will accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and their titles will then become:
Princess Madeline Grace Russell, Princess Naomi Abilgail Russell, and Sir Prince Titus David Russell
Children of The King!

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