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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I was reminded today

I was standing at the kitchen sink grumbling and complaining. Grumbling and complaining that I didn't think it was fair that Mark got to go to work and I was the one who had to stay home and get everything ready for our weekend of camping. In the midst of everyday living, I also needed to prepare and get food made and ready for the weekend. As I was scrubbing a dish, God reminded me that Mark is doing his job! That Mark is doing exactly what God wants him to do right now. He also reminded me that I was doing exactly what he wants me to do right now. Not the grumbling and complaining, but scrubbing dishes, getting food ready for the weekend, doing laundry, getting lunch for the kids. God didn't yell at me and smack me, althought I did deserve a good spanking. He spoke to me in a gentle whisper, the whisper that can only be the Holy Spirit. It was as if my eyes had been open to not only the importance of Mark's job, but the importance of my job. I was also reminded that I do not desire to go out into the work force. There are plenty of days that I need a break from the diapers, the dishes, the vaccuming, and the whinny, fussy kids. But honestly, when I think about what other job I would want to do, I can't think of one!

I have been baking a lot today in preperation for our camping trip and while I'm baking I must be quite enough that God is able to speak to me. Because when I'm baking and cooking, God often whispers things and I am receptive to what he is saying to me. Every since I was 16 years old I have worked in missions. Whether it was kids club in the park with Youth For Christ, doing day care at Little Lambs, or working at Camp Redcloud. Full time ministry makes my heart soar! I love it, I love teaching about my Jesus, his love for us, the direct relationship that we can have with God, because of Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Today, God whispered, you have full time ministy. 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! He reminded me that I am on a battle field for my kids salvation. He reminded me that he is using me to lay his foundation in my kids lives! Me, he's using me! To build sturdy foundations so that my kids will be able to stand firm and not blow over when life doesn't make sense. I am helping my kids to build strong foundations on the rock, not poorly built homes in the sand. I am not the foundation, I am only a tool being used by God, to help create the foundation. I see this active in Maddie my four year old, as she watches my husband pray over our 15 month daughter Naomi who can't seem to calm down for some reason. As Mark is praying Naomi begins to calm down and Maddie says; "Mommy, it's working, his prayers are working." A stone was laid in her foundation, that when we go to God and pray, He hears us! Not only does He hear us, he answers! When Maddie is angry or scared and we direct her to pray to God about her fears or anger, we are helping her lay another stone in her foundation.

I have also wanted a job where if I needed to I could spend the whole day with Jesus. A job where I could curl up with God's word, my journal that I use to talk with God, and a cup of tea. I have that kind of job! I can post scripture all over my house, allowing me to meditate on God's word all day. During nap time I can feast on God's word and feast on prayer and talking with the father.

I'm very blessed in that I love baking and cooking! Nothing gets my enegines going more than experimenting with supper or concoting a new culture, fermentation, or who knows what else!

I am thankful for a God, who sends his Holy Spirit to remind me to get my attitude in check. Who reminds me to repent and be right with Him. It's a heart attitude, one that when I release to the Lord, when I cry out to Him, He comes and gives me the very exact thing I need. But I have to ask, I have to cry out.

I'm thankful for a God who gives me what I need, when I need it, when I don't even ask for it! I was reminded today!

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