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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Magic Tree House

I have been on the hunt, for the book or the series that would trigger Maddie's interest. The kind as Maddie would say, "doesn't have anything on it." In other words there are no pictures or few of them. My sister Emily and I went rummaging one Saturday morning and low and behold we found the whole series of "The Magic Tree House". Emily, being a kindergarten teacher was excited to find it, trusting her judgement I bought the series. At first Maddie wasn't into the thought of them, then I explained it was about a magic tree house in the woods. That caught her attention and we cracked open the first one, we read a couple chapters, then had lunch. After lunch she brought it to me on her own and asked if we could read some more. Some more turned out to be reading the whole thing in less than half an hour.

Kid tested, mother approved!

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