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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fermenting is one thing...whey, kefier, and culturing is a whole nother matter!

Fermenting to me isn't hard. For right now it's follow a recipe. To me it's not hard to chop up veggies, throw in some spices, and wack the heck out of it to get the juices flowing. Nope no problemo here. However, mention the word keifer, whey, culturing that's a different ball of wax! It's tricky knowing when something has sat long enough, what part do I use, and what part do I put back, and how much do I put back, and what do I use it with? Whew! Craziness. But I know like all other aspects of cooking and baking and fermenting, culturing is all about timing, quantities, and knowing what it is suppose to look like, smell like, taste like, feel like. It's intimidating. But I know like with all things it's a process and will be conjured and will be learned all in due time. I'm an all or nothing person, this is both wonderfull and frustrating because it helps me hang in there and get things done, accomplish hard things, it's great for endurance but not so great in the short term. In the short term, if my baked beans, that I have never tried before, doesn't turn out I get super frustrated and hard on myself. That's why I have Mark to remind me I have never made homemade baked beans and to suggest helpful hints (he tries to have helpful hints and I try to smile and graciously accept his helpful hints) :)

I'm excited to enter into this new journey of cooking, baking, fermenting, and culturing. Now it's a matter of praying for the sources to come and praying over the sources I do have avaiable but may not be the best for us chemical wise, fresh wise, etc. I'm excited to pray and give it over to God and let him bring what will come and trust him with all aspects of it!

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