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Monday, January 31, 2011

What my fridge looks like lately...

 I know it seems like I am going above and beyond making sauerkraut, cream cheese, yohgurt.
Especially when I could be buying it at the store and saving myself some time.
Honestly, it doesn't take that long and it fits into my schedule.
Because things have to ferment, soak, culture, it is a process over several hours.

 It also brings in a bit of excitment into being a stay at home mommy!
It has brought a spark back that I thought I had lost and wasn't sure when or how I would get it back.

It's funny, the more I get into Nourising Traditions, the more I talk about
what I have made or am going to make. The more my family tells me you
are more and more like Sarah. I will take that as a compliment thank you!
I am also not asking others to do this or live this way. But neither am I going
to stop eatting at dominos, eat a cheese burger from Mcdonalds, etc. BUT,
I will be more careful aboutwhat I am putting in my mouth and is it worth it.
Is how I will feel afterwards worth it, will my body think it's worth it.
It's a life style, a choice, nothing more, nothing less. One I'm willing to teach
but not one I'm going to force on someone else. I'm very proud of my fridge
these days because most of what goes in it I made, fermented, cultured, or marinated.

 Top shelf from left: Black tea brewed from regular lipton tea bags, sauerkraut that has been fermenting for about two weeks now, organic, non-homogized whole milk (used for making yohgurt) I didn't milk the cow for this, although I would if I could, but I can't so I don't. :)

Middle Shelf: Marinating beef roast that I am going to use for faijtas or sandwhiches, fresh cream cheese (tastes amazing!!), Whey, and homemade yohgurt. The yohgurt makes super yummy smoothies, juliouses, yummy mixed with fruit! Way better than store bought.

Why do I do this? For two reasons, probably more, but two for sure. Number one I know what goes into it to the best of my ability and I also know what is not in our food. Number two, because it is budget friendly, and I have to strive to keep our grocery budget as low as possible. Number three, Mark has been dealing with stomach issues for as long as I've known him and it's getting worse. He also suffers from severly painful joints which prohibits him from sleeping and working like he should be able to. My goal is to feed our family for as cheap, as healthy as possible.

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  1. Ahhhh, no, don't become like Sarah!!!!! :)
    Awesome fridge Robin. And I hope and pray all of your hard work will help Mark to return to health and vitality.