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Friday, January 28, 2011

On a day like this...

On a day like this oh I need the Lord to help me! Today the weather is inviting me to snuggle under my covers and not come out till tomorrow. So what does a mama do when she is tired, her bed is beckoning her back, her bodies engine won't turn over, and her emotions are running amuck. Well, it depends, it depends on if the kids are picking up my mood or if they are amazingly calm despite mama's emotional tiredness. It depends on a lot of things. This morning however God gave me a wonderful early gift. Maddie is resting on her bed looking at books and the twins are in their beds attempting to take needed naps. Some mornings all a mama can do is pop a movie in and be thankful for it. Some mornings I can overlook my tiredness and push through it anways. What I have learned on these tired days, is to rest, it's my bodies, mind, and spirit saying rest. I know that when I choose to lay low instead of pushing the kids, myself, and making all of us crazy. I will eventually somehow by the grace of God get everything done, sometimes that say day, sometimes two days later. Remembering there is a far greater calling than dusting, cleaning, and eatting. Those are important, don't get me wrong, they need to get done. But the greater calling is glorifing God, spending time with him so he can give me energy to do what needs doing. The greater calling is an eternal one!

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  1. Oh goodness, I have many of those days. My body is screaming for rest. Now that they are older, it's easier to rest while they are awake. Take care of your self, body, soul and spirit. And God is gracious to pick up the slack. :) You're a great mom!