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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Year and Nine Months Ago...

 His conspiring look that usually means his about to have a "great" idea...
 look Naomi is down there...

Noami giving Titus a peace of his own medicine. 
Usually  it's Titus picking on Naomi. Notice Titus is not enjoying his dose of medicine
BUT Naomi is smiling....hmmm.

 Omi enjoying her peas and noodles.

 Titus and Naomi figuring out Naomis' new toy from Grandma Russell.

 I'll pull Naomi's hair...great idea!

 My happy boy! Titus is our laid back, happy go lucky kid.
Anything daddy comes up with he is sure is a great idea!
 Sweet girl!!!
 Naomi demonstrating her lack of indoor voice skills.
Naomi and Maddie hanging out.

Titus is constantly using the exersaucer as a jungle gym.
He spends more time crawling through it than in it.

A year and nine months ago the thought of twins was well, there wasn't a thought of twins. There was the thought of having one more kid and then we would be done. God on the other hand had different ideas. Much different ideas than ours. Low and behold Naomi Abigail and Titus David entered out lives. Two interesting facts. One in the ultrasounds you could see Naomi and Titus pushing each other in the womb. Giving me a vision of what sin nature looks like before birth. Did they know that's what they were doing no, is it still sin and do they still have sin nature...yes. Secondly two days before I had Titus the doctor was concerned that Titus wasn't gaining weight  and they were going to monitor me every week to make sure he was doing ok. When the twins were born it was Titus who florished and was released from the hospital first and it was Naomi who took a bit longer to catch up. When I found out we were having twins my prayer was Lord you are giving us a double blessing, please provide a double portion. A double portion he has continued to provide. Not always when we thought we needed it or when we wanted something but none the less it was provided. Arms were available to hold babies so we could sleep, Maddie was a champion and continues to love on her brother and sister. She is amazing with them and the twins think her ideas are the best ever. Titus is sure Maddie hung the moon. I am honored God thought we would be a good candidate for twins but man there were times I wondered if he choose the right couple and the right timing. We cannot imagine life without the two of them. Titus is our trouble maker and he usually looks like he is about to get into trouble any second. He loves snuggles and giggles. He is good buddies with his daddy and loves to giggle and wrestle with daddy. Naomi is our all smiles girl and her whole face lights up with her big grins. She is our talker which usually comes out as screams and has not managed a indoor voice yet. She loves to dance and anything that is shiny or lights up is awesome to her. We are so blessed with our double portion and it's amazing that Thursday, January 13th will be our double blessing, double trouble  birthday! Happy Birthday Naomi and Titus! Mommy and Daddy love you dearly!
You are our double blessing!

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  1. Holy smokes Robin, one year, you did it! I'm so proud of you. Your attitude has been amazing and you have done such a great job with them. Keep it up girl! Happy Birthday Naomi and Titus. Someday I'll get to meet you!