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Sunday, April 25, 2010



No matter how late or early I rise, you are already awake.
Ready to tackle anything that comes.
I ask your blessing on the day in hopes I will do as little damage as possible.
Praying I will be a blessing, praying my tongue will be bridled.
I want to look out for the interest of others.
I need to see others better than myself because you ask me to.
Yet I know in my heart as soon as I close my quiet time,
My words will pierce, my attitude will sour, and my soul will crumble.
I do not do what I want to do and do what I don’t want to do.
Why? Why must I become what I don’t want to become.
Teach me Lord, show me Lord how to live out my quiet times.
Give me the ability to choose to obey, to choose joy.
I am jealous, seething with coveting. Seething with wanting what others have.
Deal with me Lord. Change my heart. Help me love others.
You are always concerned with me. You ask me to change even if it’s painful.
I know you have my best interest at heart.
I know you won’t ask something of me unless it’s for my good or for your glory.
You know my deepest darkest ugliness.
Help me to Love you and to Love others. Help me to see others as better than myself.
Forgive me Lord for my jealousy and bitterness. Change my heart. Change my life.
Lord Change me. Let me be the one to be changed.

Robin Russell – 4/23/2010

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