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Monday, April 26, 2010

God Hugs

Today has been a God hug day. The kind of day where you know someone prayed for you because it started rough and turned out smooth. Well so far it's going smooth I realize any second could turn into craziness. But I also know so far it's been ok. The twins took a great afternoon nap which allowed me to get ALL the laundry done! To spend some time with Maddie. We have been hiding in my room while the twins nap. They nap longer with no noise and Maddie thinks it's awesome to have mommy and Maddie time in our room. Works out for both of us. We discovered some games on our computer that Maddie thinks is awesome and thus has allowed for some fun one on one time with her. On top of getting laundry done I also got the carpet vaccumed. Not the kind were you move everything on the floor to get it efficent but enough so that there are not smashed crackers on the floor anymore. The nasty hair, lint, nastiness on my carpet is gone. Perhaps I will even try to tackle the bathroom today...maybe or maybe I'll attempt that tomorrow. I am excited to start putting things in there place, sounds funny I know, but there are times both twins erupt at the sametime and there is nothing to do but leave things as they lay. This drives Mark nuts! Me not so much because I do things like that anyways and it makes sense to me to pick it up later. I don't know why I think this because it would be easier to pick it up the first time thenI wouldn't have to go back and do it. I know this, my brain knows this, but my habits don't know this. Anyone picking up what I'm dropping here. So tomorrow is attempt to pick up day and clean the bathroom day! Though I've learned in quick order NOT to get frustrated if all I get done in a day is feed kids, love them with patience, and still like my kids and husband at the end of the day. If at the end of the day I can say I have glorified God in my words, in my interactions with the ones dearest to me I have accomplished a lot more than what my house looks like! Because I have gotten done and have accomplished what looks best on the inside of me and that is priceless!

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