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Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Maddie found a stick and for some reason wanted me to
take her picture with it and then she proceeded to pose!

check out his cute outfit! surf boards and all. His pants are awesome!

Notice unhappy Titus in the background.

Maddie and Mark enjoying a picnic of PB&J, oranges,
carrots, and granola bites! yummy!

Somehow Naomi's hand ends up by Titus and Titus always ends
up sucking on her arm, fingers, whatever is closest. Silly boy.

We had bought the double bike trailer with the thought
we'd have a niece, nephew, or friends kid with Maddie. Who knew we'd need
it for our own twins!

Maddie enjoying Daddy time flying her kite.

Mark trying to fly Maddie's kite on a not so windy day.

Love is attempting to fly a kite with virtually no wind. Love is attempting to jump rope with a jump rope that is too short. We are attempting to potty train Maddie after three months of craziness! We are now trying to buckle Maddie down and get her independant enough to think to go potty on her own. She totally has the routine down! She can turn the bathroom light on and off. She can put her potty chair where it belongs, she can get her stool all by herself. We're working on washing hands as she can't reach the knob to turn the water on yet. She is even able to get toilet paper without it laying all over my bathroom floor! Big steps for Maddie. So we are now reinforcing her thinking of needing to go potty and doing it by herself with toys! Nothing fancy or expensive, it's amazing how wonderful a $3 toy can be! So far she has earned bugs, princesses, squirt guns, army men, beads to string, and lots of other fun goodies. One of those happened to be a Dora kite! So of course we HAD to go to the park and try it out. So we bundled the twins, packed a picnic of course and off we went to fly kites, attempt to jump rope, chase bugs and birds, and be in nature. Enjoying family time. That's right I said enjoying family time. It's not easy getting out of the apartment with everyone in tact without tears. But every once in a while it does happen or I should say we make it happen!

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