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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jealousy washed away

Jealousy washed away

Draw me close to you.
Let me watch you, learn from you, imitate you.
A newborn foal follows its mother.
Sticking close to its mother’s side and watching her every move.
Knowing its very survival depends on its ability to watch its mother’s signals.
Let me watch your signals knowing my peace of mind is in you.
My relationships with others depend on you.
My relationships depend on how I respond to them,
whether in love or in jealousy.
I am unable to love anyone with bitterness and jealousy in my heart.
My jealousy runs deeply, the point I am untrustworthy of others.
I am rotten and spoiled because of my jealousy,
because I covet what others have.
I covet what others are, I covet what others do.
To my very core, a root, that needs desperately to be dug up.
Dig it up Lord, take out the very roots.
Let me not look to others for happiness, but seek you out for my joy.
I have searched you and I wanted you to find the wicked ways in my heart.
You searched, you found, and you revealed to me the vial disgusting sludge.
Your word, prayer, and time will clean up the filth.
I know you will allow opprunity for me to practice the truth you have shown me.
I cannot practice it without your Holy Spirit showing me my attitude.
Holy Spirit help me to see my attitude.
Let me be conscious and make an effort to be excited for others.
Let me be concerned with others joy and to dance with them when they dance.
Let me sing for joy when they sing, let me Praise your Holy name in thanksgiving
For the awesome things you are doing in others lives.
Praise the Lord oh my soul, Praise the Lord.

Robin Russell – 4/23/2010

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