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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I cannot without the I AM!

I cannot love without you.
My flesh is too weak, my soul not strong enough.
I am incapable of reacting differently when wounded without you.
I want so badly to love without needing anything in return,
I know this is completely impossible without you!
I get angry and bitter and I know the only place to be rid of it, is to come sobbing at your feet.
Loneliness entangles me and tells me I am unworthy or anything,
You fill me up as no one else ever will be able to.
I am unable but you are able.
I am safe in your arms. I am never outside of your vision.
I am within your grasp,
When I am about to fall you reach your holy arms out and catch me.
Sometimes you allow me to fall, reminding me I am weak, without my I AM!
Even in my falling I am not outside of your protection.
In my falling you know exactly how far and how hard I can fall.
You know when it’s time to make your presence known.
Perfect timing teaching me how deep, how long, how forever your love is.
I cannot, am not, will not ever anything when I am not hanging on to you!
I look unto the mountains and yet it is not only mountains I see, I see you the Creator.
I do not walk the dangerous path without knowing it is you who keeps my feet from stumbling.
I cling to the knowledge that you are my protector who does not slumber.
You are my protector always on guard while the sun is up and when the moon takes its place.
I am not, cannot anything without you Lord Jesus.
It is you, only you Lord Jesus that protects me from the creator’s wrath.
Your blood that covers me and allows God to welcome me as redeemed.
It is you Jesus who allows me to walk, love; see others as better than myself.
It is you Jesus, only you Jesus!

Robin Russell….4/22/2010

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