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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Little feet, little hands, little eyes
Little feet go where I go, little hands yearn to do what I do.
Little eyes want to see what I see. She believes me.
She believes me when I say I love her.
More importantly she believes me when I say Jesus loves her.
Oh Lord help me show her,
by my words and by my actions that I love you.
Little hands want to feel the pizza dough.
Little feet want to dance to a song only she can hear.
Little eyes want to see I love her even when she's disobeyed.
My little one looks to me for how to handle the big bad world.
She learns how to be angry from me. She learns how to love from me.
She learns how to communicate from me.
Oh Lord let me serve you by actions.
Lord I want so badly for her to see you in me.
Thank you for giving me your word which shows me how to live.
Thank you for showing me how to live so that I might show Maddie.
Little hands, little feet, little words, a little heart.
A sponge in the hands of my shaking hands.
Lord help me soak my little sponge in your loving capable hands.
Let me make the choices that will teach my little one how to react.
How to love when wronged. How to persever when under trial.
How to rejoice with others excitment.
How to trust the Lord when it seems he's quiet
and his direction unclear.
Let me soak my little ones hands, feet, eyes, and soul in you!!!

Robin Russell - 4/24/2010

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