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Sunday, February 20, 2011

25 lbs of Graham Flour

I bought graham flour on purpose. However, I did not buy 25 lbs of graham flour on purpose. I'm not sure if I read the amount wrong, wrote in the wrong product number, it's hard to say. So far I have made pancakes, biscuits, two loaves of bread, crackers, and graham crackers. Did you know that most graham cracker recipes don't even call for graham flour. If they don't have graham flour are they techincally graham crackers? I immediately called Sarah who I knew would laugh her head off with me because I knew Mark wasn't going to laugh quite as hard with me. 25 lbs of flour is a lot of flour in a tiny apartment like we have. I did manage to find a contanier that will work for now! Someday I have a dream of my kitchen looking like a bulk foods store!

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