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Friday, February 18, 2011

I needed a friend

I have the two bestest woman as my best friends that I could ever have! I have known them for what feels like forever. Sarah, who happens to be my cousin, has known me from birth. Laurie, who I have known from about ninth grade. I can call these ladies day or night, when we talk it's as if we never left the conversation from before. My heart leaps with joy and excitement each and every time I hear from them, speak to them, and I do a dance of joy when I get to hug them in person. These two ladies are irreplaceable in my life. I have had friends come and I have had friends go, but these two ladies are a constant figure in my life, for which I am grateful. These ladies have seen me at my worst and have seen me at my best. They have cried with me, sung with me, laughed with me, whacked me on the head when I've done or doing something dumb, they call me back to Jesus when I have strayed, and I will spend eternity in heaven with these ladies. The bummer is that these ladies literally live a total of two time zones from me! Sarah, lives in New Jersey. Laurie, lives in Washington state. I cannot call them up and have a park play date with them, I cannot have a fermenting day with Sarah. I cannot have a bike ride including down pouring rain, wind in our faces kind of  adventure with Laurie. So we blog, we call, we occasionally see each other, but occasionally is about once or twice a year.

Today was the kind of day I need my Bff's. I want so much to have a bff here in Albert Lea. I have my ladies who I can talk with, cry with, go through life with. I was thinking today I need a bff in town. I have Juana and I laugh at our similarties. Our husbands are both intraverts, love computers, have wives who are overvelous and sign them up for who knows what next or is praying they will want to sign up for who knows what. Our kids are around the same age and love playing together. I can call her up day or night and talk, we are real, we discipline our kids similar and we love the Lord. I need to remember that I can call and hang with her more than I do.

But, the other day, I needed my bff's. I needed my Laurie and my Sarah. The Lord whispered in my ear, you have one greater than Laurie and Sarah. Duh! How often I forget my very best bff, Jesus. How often I forget to communie with him, as if laundry or FB is more important. I was reminded of the hymn "What a friend I have in Jesus". I do indeed have a friend who can fill every hole in my heart, who can minister to me in a way no human ever could, the one who whispers the real truths of who I am. The friend who will never lie to me, but will demand all my attention and demand my obediance, but then this friend gave his life for me, and all to Him I owe.

I am thankful for my earthly bff's, but I am also very thankful for my Jesus! My very best bff!

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