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Thursday, February 3, 2011

God knows Mommy's need a break!

The last couple of days have been rough. I'm tired and weary. Being a stay at home mommy doesn't leave much time for thinking of myself. However, I am learning more and more that putting myself before my husband and my kids is not selfish. If anything it's far from it when taking care of myself means I can love them, serve them, and keep going day after day. More often than not I need to keep going whether I have had a break or not. I also need to keep going with joy and a good attitude, because my attitude affects the rest of my family. When mama ain't happy, nobody's happy, and it freaks the kids out. God hears a weary moms heart and the Holy Spirit whispers in friends and families ears. In this case the ear is the best friend of my sister and her husband, Heather and Adam Leach. Heather out of the blue emailed to see how we were doing and if we needed a break from the twins. A couple days before she called I had thought to myself without sharing it with anyone, I need a break. I need to be able to sleep and rest so I can get back in the game. At the moment I had no idea someone would approach me and WANT to take my kids for me for a while! A HUGE GIGANTIC BLESSING! Thank you Jesus for knowing a weary, tired mom. Thank you Jesus for giving Mark and I time alone, for giving us one on one time with Maddie. Lord you indeed know exactly how much we can take, how much we can bare!

Thank you Heather and Adam you are a huge blessing to our family! We love you and appreciate you!

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