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Monday, February 7, 2011

Coming back to the basics

As a wife and a mom of three kids  life gets hectic and crazy. A lazy day at home, with us all still in our jammies can still turn into an emotional crazy day. Whether it's the twins are both teething and fussy, nobody likes lunch, or the days when we are all an emotional crazy mess. Whew! Incorporating more traditional food into our diets has been stressful. For example, I am now making soaked pancakes and waffles. Real syrup is super duper expensive, but to put fake syrup on it seems wrong after all the nutrition in the soaked pancakes...I can't do it.  Another example is making homemade french fries but putting regular ole full of preservatives ketchup. I have had pep talks with my other fellow nutrition gurus and I have prayed about it, talked with Mark about it and have come to a source of peace. I also have centered myself in Christ and brought myself back to what is truth. It's funny that an area like food in my life can become something I need to go back to the heart of scripture. What is truth, what is important. I believe I have been shown how we are to eat, here on out, BUT it has to be a slow process. I need to remember and honor Mark's likes and dislikes. I need to incorporate what my kids are more apt to eat.

Planning meals has been stressful, buying groceries annoying. I stopped myself and tried to figure out why I was so stressed and how I could simplify this area of my life. I brought myself to the basics, what I usually do. I don't know why I don't stick to making a menu and planning out my meals. Every once in a while it happens that I go away from meal planning and that can cost a lot of money! In this case, I am certain I got distracted making yohgurt, whey, cream cheese, soaking grains. However, now that I have brought myself back, looked at what needed to change, I'm ready to adjust and change. I am back to planning and making my meal menus. I made a list of all the breakfeast foods we like and eat the most and I did the same with lunch and supper. This way I know what I need to buy, I am able to make meals out of what I already have, with only a few purchases. My goal is to evntually make a meal plan for the whole month and buy my groceries once a month. It will be a big cost short term, but money saving long term. I will also save money because I won't be tempted to buy things that are not on my list! I'm not there yet, BUT I will be!!!

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